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Welcome to Bet2Bets 7 Days Membership Plan‎

We recommend that you operate an 200 Points bank.

1000 Point bank (1000 € Bank would give you 10 € a point)
  500 Point bank (500 € Bank would give you 5 € a point)
  200 Point bank (200 € Bank would give you 2 € a point)
  100 Point bank (100 € Bank would give you 1 € a point)

If your bank is 100€ and our tip 5 points your stake must be 1€ x 5 Points = 5€
If your bank is 200€ and our tip 5 points your stake must be 2€ x 5 Points = 10€

For RECORDS and RESULTS the stakes are actual as we bet but you can adjusted according to your bank. If your bank 100€ where 1point = 1€

7 Days Paid Membership Plan  and Free Membership Plan

You will receive selections Football tips by e-mail to your registered e-mail address and for the period of days you have registered.

All advised bets will be Back Bets and will generally be Win Singles, but in any case we have 4 tips in one ticket we secure it with multiples and you may see the odd Lucky 15, Double or treble etc. This is very advanced and low cost method resulting high profits securing the 4 tips by CASH OUT to best offer always offered by bookmaker when one or 2 tips WIN-WIN.    

Generally bets from our service carry our maximum confidence and as such majority of bets will be at 2-3-5 Points level Stakes.

The Tips Centre has been designed to allow you to log in and collect the tips for our services at any time while you are a paid and active member and is managed by

Our aim to try and post all advice the night before the event if and when at all possible.
Uppon posting the tip you will Get Tip Notifications by e-mail to your registered e-mail address you have use to pay your membership to Paypal.
This should give you opportunity to grab the early value prices.

Please note that the e mail containing the selected stake ticket which will be sent to your Paypal registered e-mail address
- PLEASE NOTE - We can never guarantee delivery of this ticket if you have register different e-mail address.

For Foodball Members Area/Tips Today tips is here:

If you have any queries at all or are having any issues don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good Luck
Bet2bets Team


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